Welcome to Las Vegas

Third Session ("Street Campaign")

Family, Friends, and Psychotic Vampires

Interrogated in a Hospital Bed

Giovanni is taken to Valley Hospital Medical Center to be treated for his serious gunshot wound. After he is stabilized and moved to a room to recover, he is interrogated by the LVMPD (detectives Elaine Marquis and Arnold Duquette). Det. Duquette quickly steps into the abrasive, accusatory ‘bad cop’ role, while Det. Marquis takes the reasonable, sympathetic ‘good cop’ role.

(Giovanni doesn’t know it, but Det. Marquis and Sean have old history, once being close until lifestyles on opposite sides of the law broke them apart).

Duquette begins the investigation asking Giovanni’s name and Giovanni plays up his accent, pretending to have much worse English than he actually does. After that there are several rounds of questioning. There’s some initial questions about whether Giovanni and John were acting in self-defense, which moves to questions on why Giovanni had assault rifles in the trunk of his car (he owns a gun shop) and why he pulled them out (four gunmen against two), then on to whether Giovanni had any idea why the gunmen would attack them (Giovanni speculates that some minor problems he had with gangs in his gun shop in California might have followed him).

Then Giovanni drops most of the trumped-up aspect and asks abruptly: ‘Look, did I break any laws?’

‘If the story you’re telling us is true, then no,’ Marquis answers slowly while Duquette glares at Giovanni suspiciously becaujse of his shift in speaking patterns.

‘Feel free to dig into my past, but all I’m saying without a lawyer is self-defense.’

‘Give us something, anything.’

After a considering pause: ‘Look into the Venatori Umbrorum.’

‘The what? What is that? Like… some kind of cult or something?’ Marquis asks.

‘Do we need tinfoil hats?’ Duquette adds, snorting.

’I’m done.’

Marquis tells Giovanni that they’re going to hold him in the hospital for awhile while they check out his story.

‘Can I ask just one more question?’ Marquis asks.

’I’m done.’

Duquette leaves first. As Marquis is leaving, she turns and asks again if she can ask just one more question. Giovanni tells her she can ask.

‘Are you sincere about these, what did you call them, Venatori Umbrorum?’

Giovanni justs looks at her seriously.

‘Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.’

New Friends

Jerry cracks his eyes open and squints against the bright lights. He has no idea where he is. There’s muffled voices coming from nearby. Jerry’s eyes adjust enough to see two detectives walk by the open doorway of the small room he’s in. He smells antiseptic cleaners.

He passes out again.

Bad Vibes in a Police Interrogation Room

John is taken to a LVMPD station by Officer Plitt, who responded to the scene. John has stopped crying, but he’s still shaken.

They walk into an interrogation room: concrete walls and floor, table bolted to the floor, and a flimsy plastic chair. As they walk towards the chair, John can feel waves of psychic impressions like a pressure against his skin; this is a place where intense emotions have left strong impressions.

‘Have a seat,’ Officer Plitt says.

John eyes the chair and it’s promise of an intense vision and the corresponding “fit” (while the GM holds up a fate point; it’s a compel either way unless he buys out and takes some easy, boring route).

’It’s… filthy,’ John says a little desperately, planting his feet (and taking the fate point).

‘You want a new chair?’

‘Yes, please.’

‘…Um, no, you’re not getting a new chair!’ Plitt tells him to sit again. John doesn’t move. "Are we going to have to get physical?’ Plitt is getting annoyed and threat is creeping into his voice. ‘Sit in the damn chair!’

When John doesn’t move, Plitt calls in another officer and they grab him. Plitt touches John first and…

…he’s outside of his house (not John, but in the vision he experiences it as if it was him). Overwhelming sadness. He doesn’t want to enter…

…the horrible things he’s seen…

…compromises are made, major compromises and minor compromises one after another, at first to cover gambling debts, then for extra cash, then because it’s too late to back out…

…he walks away, he turns a blind eye, he lets things happen, and people get hurt…

…it’s like a cancer inside, growing and hurting and killing him inside…

…he used to like his job, take pride in making a diffence; not anymore…

…he’s on the edge of hurting someone, himself or someone else…

John comes back to the present. He can still feel the after-tremors of his convulsions. He also feels pain in his wrists; he’s been handcuffed to the table. Across the room, Plitt is starting at him.

’We’re going to have, um, someone come talk to you," Plitt says to John. To the other officer Plitt says, ‘go get Dr. Reynolds.’

Driving around town with “friends”

Mark is driving without a real destination while Sean watches the two injured thugs in the back seat.

‘Where are we heading?’ Mark asks.

‘I know a place… usually the bodies are already dead when I take them there, but that can be remedied,’ Sean answers, pretending to be musing to himself.

Sean turns on the charm, offering the carrot of freedom in exchange for answers. He asks who Jacky Moreno is and why he ordered the hit.

The thugs answer that they don’t know; jacky calls them with jobs and pays well. That’s all they know.

‘Where can we find him?’

‘He works out of his sister’s restaurant, the Blue Flamingo. They’re Italian, but it’s a Cuban restaurant. I don’t know why. Good Cuban, though.’

‘How much did he pay you?’

‘$1,000 each, $500 up front.’

‘To go up against assault rifles? You should have asked for more.’

‘We didn’t know that! It was supposed to be easy!’

‘Give me the money.’

‘Ah, man, really?’

‘You tried to kill us… and we’re still deciding what to do with you.’

Reluctantly, the two thugs each cough up $500 and hand it all to Sean.

‘We could still kill them,’ Sean says to Mark.

‘No,’ Mark answers, ‘we don’t have to kill them… oh, you’re joking.’ Mark says it flat, not smiling.

The Blue Flamingo

The Blue Flamingo restaurant is busy, clearly possible. Mark pulls out a small wooden plank, a paint stirrer covered in painted sigils (it’s a ‘potion’ he’s created to detect supernatural entities). He goes in first, glancing at the sigils. Satisfied with what he sees, he gestures to Sean to enter. There are not supernatural entities in the restaurant (or is there are, then they’re strong enough to cloud Mark’s spell).

= * = * =

[The below is in rushed form because I was running out of time. I’ll update it in more detail later…]

In the Blue Flamingo, Mark and Sean interrogate Jacky. Jacky looks like crap and is obviously rattled. He tells them that the order comes from vampires and is on-plussed when instead of calling him crazy they ask “which kind?”. He doesn’t know there are different kinds, but gives enough description that they’re dclearly Red Court. when they take it in stride. Jacky directs them to Tony Demeo, a higher-up mob lieutenant and gives the address of his condo.

Hi, I’m Dr. Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds, the department shrink, questions John, focusing on his fit and whether he feels he needs help or should be institutionalized again for his own good. John tells him the sotry of the shooting and tells him that the fit was just epilepsy and not a reason to lock him up again.

It’s a Party at Tony’s

Sean and Mark decide on the same plan with Tony that they used with Jacky: Walking up, dropping their names, reference the attempoted killing, and then interrogate him when he comes.

It doesn’t work quite as planned.

First, Tony is much higher up, wealthier, and more collected than Jacky. Sean and Mark barely get in the door and Tony, in the hottub with some Playboy Bunny types, barely gives them the time of day. He does eventually talk to them. He telsl them Jacky is a dead man for ratting to them, then adds that the “reds” are after them, so they’re walking dead men, too. He then throws out with a smirk that their friend in the hopsital (Giovanni) is a sitting duck and one of the Reds has a personal grudge against him. In fact, he’s probably already dead.

Sean and Mark excuse themselves to rush to the hospital.

Hospital Food

Giovanni is eating jello. He doesn’t notice the woman until she’s right by him. She’s got curly hair and a cute, round face. She tells him she’s glad she found him, then seems distracted by all his blood. She touches his chest and tells him he needs to rest. His holy touch flares up and she recoils in shock and pain.

Can’t a Recovering Hellhound Get Any Sleep Around Here?

Jerry hears the shriek form the next room and is now fully awake.

Can I talk to you later, Mom?

Mark is driving fast towards the shopstial when Sean gets a call. Caller ID says it’s his mom. She’s scared and insistent that he come over right away. he asks if it can wait and she says they’re not safe.

Mark (an ex-car thief) hotwires a car then keeps driving to the hopsital while he lets Sam take his jeep to help his family.

Don’t Leave Town

Dr. Reynolds eventually clears John. Detective Marquis arrives and tells him he’s free to go, but not to leave town. She offers him a ride to the hopsital to see Giocanni since she’s heading that way anyway.


The vampire can’t get close enough to touch him directly, so she picks up his entire hospital bed and throws it against the wall. Giovanni’s leg snaps (Severe consequence) and he screams with pain.

Rival Predators

Jerry doesn’t know what’s going on, but he smells a rival predator nearby. Instinctively he slips out to check things out and either drive the rical off or (if outclassed) head out himself.

In the hallway he sees three “professor” types walk by, then hear the screams and rush back with guns half hidden by their sides.

Jerry slips back into his room.

The Cavalry?

Giovanni sees the three men enter in a mirror set in the ceiling from where he’s still lying between the toppled bed and the wall (his leg at an impossible angle).

They say something in Latin, then the vampire growls that it isn’t over and jumps out a window before running away in a blur.

Giovanni recognizes the three men as being from the order he was raised in before he faints from pain.

About the same time, John shows up with the two detectives in tow.

Mark also shows up at the same time, sees the detectives, and slips into the nearest room, where Jerry is sitting on his bed.

Family Reunions

Sean arrives to see the cars of several of his brothers and sisters parked in front of his house. Sean is the youngest of 8 kids. His brothers Finn and COnnor are there, along with his sisters Dierdre and Kennedy. Almost everyone in his family are either criminals, cops, or married to criminals or cops.

Inside everyone’s sitting around the table. They set in on Sean asking what’s he’s done now. They’re all being followed and watched and kennedy was asked on campus at UNLV if she was his sister. They’re scared. Sean says he’s taking care of it. There’s a family fight, interrupted when there’s a knock at the door. Sean’s dad invites someone in and two Red Court vampires (Dirk and Weasel) come in, now that the Threshold has been parted for them by the invitation.

Sean and some of his brothers try to fight them off, but the two vampires are far too strong, toughm and fast. They take all the siblings and parents, and leave Sean, telling him that they’ll call him tomorrow and give him a place and a time. If he doesn’t bring the disc, then his family will all be killed.

Visiting the Venatori Umbrorum

The detectives eventually leave and Giovanni talks to the three other members of his order. More is said, but the main gist is that they kow the Venatori Umbrorum and consider them allies for the most part, though there are rumors of a group within the group whose motives are less clear. They give Giovanni the address of the Venatori’s temporary headquarters in Vegas.

(Meanwhile, Mark and Jerry talk with the outcome being that Jerry tags along while Mark vouces for him to the group).

The group heads out to visit the Venatori. Their headquarters is some office space off the Strip. The building is closed, but they show the security guard the ring they took off James Fendler earlier and they’re let in.

They talk to Patrick Uman, a leader of the Ventori delegation, along with a coupel other Venatori. They notice that the rings they wear are similar but different (they don’t have a sword in the design).

The questioning starts friendly. They learn that the sword on the ring denotes a certain rank within the order (a mark of seniority).

They ask about the copper ring artifact and learn that the Venatori are looking for it (and still want it) and that it’s ancient Mesopotamian in origin. They know what it is and offer more money to buy it (and mention they know they still have the earlier $70,000, which the group neither confirms nor denies).

The Venatori ask what they intend with the disc. The group says they plan to destroy it. Patrick urges them not to, saying that if they try it will amke them enemies of the Venatori.

Giovanni questions their motives in trying to prevent them. Patrick answers that the group doesn’t really know what it does, so how do they know whether it’s a tool for summoning Outsiders or a tool against them. Giovanni pauses at that.

Finally, John describes the man he saw in his vision beating up Benny in the Storm Drains and stealin a bundle from him. Patrick looks uncomfortable, then tells them they can confront Daniel themselves and he can defend himself. They can request an appointment.


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