Aaron Devadoss

Cursed emissary of the "Spider Mother"


Template/Type: Emissary of Power/Shapeshifter
Refresh Cost: -12

Name: Aaron Devadoss
High Concept: Cursed Emissary of the Spider Mother
Motivation: Find an escape from the Spider Host
Other Aspects:

  • Oh what tangled webs we weave (compulsive liar/good at elaborate lies)
  • I didn’t want this! I didn’t have a choice! (lying to self)
  • Behold the power and beauty of my Mother’s form!

Skills (Human Form):
Alertness: +3 (Good)
Athletics: +2 (Fair)
Conviction: +1 (Average)
Craftsmanship: +3 (Good)
Deceit: +5 (Superb)
Driving: +4 (Great)
Empathy: +2 (Fair)
Endurance: +1 (Average)
Guns: +2 (Fair)
Investigation: +3 (Good)
Lore: +4 (Great)
Rapport: +1 (Average)
Stealth: +4 (Great)

Skills (Spider Form):
Alertness: +2 (Fair)
Athletics: +4 (Great)
Conviction: +3 (Good)
Deceit: +1 (Average)
Discipline: +4 (Great)
Endurance: +3 (Good)
Fists: +4 (Great)
Intimidation: +2 (Fair)
Investigation: +1 (Average)
Lore: +2 (Fair)
Might: +5 (Superb)
Stealth: +3 (Good)
Survival: +1 (Average)

(-2) Ritual (pg 181) (Wards and Thresholds, including small Veils and Webs)
(-1) Beast Change (pg 174) Twisted spider form
(-2) Beast Change (pg 174) Swarm of mindless spiders (lesser version of Gaseous Form)
(-1) Cloak of Shadows (pg 169)
(-1) Marked by Power (pg 169) The Spider Mother is a power in Las Vegas
(1) Human Form (pg 176) (All below)
(-2) Inhuman Toughness (pg 185)
(2) The Catch (pg 185) Extreme heat (e.g. fire)
(-2) Inhuman Strength (pg 183)
(-1) Spider Walk (pg 165)
(-2) Venomous Claws (pg 162)
(-1) Demesne (pg 170)

Stress (Human):
Physical: (3): OOO
Mental: (3): OOO
Social: (2): OO

Stress (Spider):
Physical: (4|2): OOOO | OO
Mental: (4): OOOO
Social: (2): OO


  • Physical:1 (Spider form only)

Human Form

  • Initiative: 3 (Good)
  • Attack: 2 (Fair) Pistol:2
  • Defense: 2 (Fair) (Athletics)
  • Social Bonus: 1 (with supernaturals)
  • Stealth: 4 (6 in shadows)

Spider Form

  • Initiative: 2 (Fair)
  • Attack: 5 (Superb) Bite/Claws:3 (Claws & Strength)
    • Fists maneuver to place special ‘Poisoned’ aspect; damages each turn (pg 163)
  • Defense: 4 (Great) (Athletics)
  • Social Bonus: 1 (with supernaturals)
  • Stealth: 3 (5 in shadows)
  • Enter Spider Host demesne (pg 170) – can attack and maneuver with Discipline

Aaron didn’t want to get involved with the Spider Mother and he certainly didn’t want to become part of its monstrous Spider Host. It’s not his fault! Or so he keeps telling himself, and he’s an excellent liar; of course, lying is what got him into this mess in the first place.

See, it was his fault. He was a small-bit con artist; he had the skill to go on to bigger cons, but he was too chicken-shit to try for the big-time. It was one of his cons that brought him to the Spider Mother’s attention. It needed a “face” to act as its “ambassador” (its two “daughters”, Dierdre and Angel had their strengths, but were too damaged in their ways to fill the role). Aaron accepted because he was sure he could find a way to weasel out again.

It’s been three years now and he’s desperate to get out, but he’s beginning to doubt that anyone can help him. He’s heard of wizards: Perhaps one of them can break the webs he talked himself into…

Aaron Devadoss

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