Adam Bragg

Ogre-blooded bouncer at the Red Room


Refresh Cost: -9 (-6 Powers)

Name: Adam Bragg
High Concept: Half-Ogre Bouncer
Motivation: It’s just a job
Other Aspects:

  • Fast cars and beautiful women
  • Nobody hurts my sister
  • Hulking mountain of muscle

Alertness: +2 (Fair)
Athletics: +1 (Average)
Contacts: +1 (Average)
Conviction: +3 (Good)
Discipline: +2 (Fair)
Driving: +2 (Fair)
Empathy: +1 (Average)
Endurance: +5 (Superb)
Fists: +4 (Great)
Intimidation: +4 (Great)
Lore: +1 (Average)
Might: +5 (Superb)
Rapport: +1 (Average)
Resources: +3 (Good)

(-8) Physical Immunity (pg 186) Magic
(5) The Catch (pg 185) Only Immune to Magic
(-2) Inhuman Strength (pg 183)
(-2) Inhuman Toughness (pg 185)
(-2) Inhuman Recovery (pg 185)
(3) The Catch (pg 185) Cold iron and standard fae weaknesses

(-1) Footwork (Fists): Use Fists instead of Athletics for defense
(-1) Wrestler (Might): +2 Might to maintain grapple
(-1) Brawler (Fists): “Spray” attacks with Fists against opponents in same zone

Physical: (6): OOOO | OO
Mental: (4): OOOO
Social: (2): OO

Extra Consequences:

  • Extra Minor Physical
  • Remove one Minor Physical/conflict as supplemental


  • Toughness:1


  • Initiative: +2 (Fair) Alertness
  • Attack: +5 (Superb) Fists:2 (Strength)
    • May make “spray” attack against multiple opponents in same zone
  • Attack: +6 (Fantastic) Wrestling (Strength) / 2 stress as supplemental / +2 to hold grapple (Wrestler)
  • Defense: +4 (Great) Fists (Footwork)
  • Move: +1 (Average) Athletics

Adam was unaware of his half-Ogre heritage until the last couple years, but he’s been using his strength and size to make a good living as muscle-for-hire. He’s not an assassin, or a cold-blooded killer, but he enjoys fighting.

At the same time that he learned of his Ogre blood (and that the world was full of the supernatural), he learned that the Red Room on Fremont Street was run by vampires. He knew a little abotu the Vampire War (at least to the extent that wizards and vampires were fighting) so he went to the Red Room, touted his immunity to magic, and got hired on for more money than he had ever made before.

He’s made it clear to Count Dosti and his toady Nikki Kraja, that he isn’t interested in the bigger business, just guard duty and the occasional rumble for pay. So far, that’s held, though Count Dosti continues to test his resolve and make im increasingly tempting offers…

Adam guards the Red Room (and occasionally goes on more active jobs) along with the bland but creepy Blue. Adam doesn’t know much about Blue (his attempts at chatting are always met with a affectless gaze), but they work well together, which is good enough for Adam.

Adam Bragg

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