"Ghost Golem" bouncer at the Red Room


Template/Type: Ghost / Rat “Golem”
Refresh Cost: -10 (-9 Powers)

Name: “Blue”
High Concept: “Ghost Golem” bouncer at the Red Room
Motivation: Escape Ana Marston’s control
Other Aspects:

  • I am compelled to follow Nikki, but I will get revenge
  • I have no friends, but I won’t kill Adam Bragg when I escape

Alertness: +2 (Fair)
Athletics: +2 (Fair)
Conviction: +3 (Good)
Discipline: +3 (Good)
Endurance: +5 (Superb)
Fists: +4 (Great)
Intimidation: +4 (Great)
Lore: +1 (Average)
Might: +5 (Superb)
Stealth: +1 (Average)

(-2) Inhuman Strength (pg 183)
(-2) Inhuman Toughness (pg 185)
(-2) Inhuman Recovery (pg 185)
(1) The Catch (pg 185) Silver (Secret, but fairly easy to get)
(-1) Echoes of the Beast (pg 163) Rats
(-3) Gaseous Form (pg 175) (Actually dissolve into a horde of rats, but same effect)
(0) Involuntary Change (NEW) Must dissolve into rats during full moon

(-1) Footwork (Fists): Use Fists as if Athletics for defense
(-1) Single-Minded (Discipline): Social Armor:1 if against goals

Physical: (6): OOOO | OO
Mental: (4): OOOO
Social: (2): OO

Extra Consequences:

  • Extra Minor Physical
  • Remove one Minor Physical/Conflict as supplemental


  • Toughness:1
  • Singel-minded:1 (Social)


  • Initiative: +2 (Fair) Alertness
  • Attack: +5 (Superb) Fists:2 (Strength)
  • Attack: +6 (Fantastic) Wrestling (Strength) / 2 stress as suplemental
  • Defense: +4 (Great) Fists (Footwork)
  • Move: +2 (Fair)

“Blue” (that isn’t his real name) left a powerful ghost behind when he died and that ghost crawled its way back across the ravaged Las Vegas Veil, possessed a horde of rats, and proceeded to build itself a body from their mass.

Ana Marston was fascinated and charmed when she discovered him and promptly bound him. After she had finished studying him to her satisfaction, she gifted him to Count Dosti, who assigned him to Nikki Kraja for the defense of the Red Room during daylight hours (because of the “shielding” within the hoard of rats that he twists into his body, he is not particularly vulnerable to the sun).

Blue is patient (and utterly single-minded); evenutally he will be freed from his binding and then he will continue on his own agendas (which no one has been able to learn from him).


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