Fabienne Marceau

Seductive Summer Knight


Template/Type: Knight of a Faerie Court (Marduk’s Sun Court)
Refresh Cost: -12 (-9 Powers)

Name: Fabienne Marceau
High Concept: Seductive Sun Knight
Motivation: Always the center of attention
Other Aspects:

  • I enjoy being a girl
  • Greg McGuire wrapped around her finger

Alertness: +2 (Fair)
Athletics: +2 (Fair)
Burglary: +1 (Average)
Contacts: +1 (Average)
Conviction: +3 (Good)
Discipline: +4 (Great)
Empathy: +2 (Fair)
Endurance: +1 (Average)
Fists: +2 (Fair)
Intimidation: +4 (Great)
Lore: +1 (Average)
Presence: +3 (Good)
Rapport: +5 (Superb)
Resources: +1 (Average)
Weapons: +3 (Good)

(-4) Seelie Magic (pg 166)
(-1) Marked by Power (pg 169)
(1) Item of Power (pg 167) Sun Sword (All below)
(-2) Inhuman Strength (pg 183)
(-2) Inhuman Speed (pg 178)
(-2) Inhuman Toughness (pg 185)
(-2) Inhuman Recovery (pg 185)
(3) The Catch (pg 185) Standard fae weaknesses

(-1) Social Graces (Empathy): +2 Empathy for Social initiative
(-1) Subtle Menace (Intimidation): Don’t need upper hand
(-1) Sex Appeal (Rapport): +2 seduction (if target might be attrtacted)

Physical: (5): OOO | OO
Mental: (4): OOOO
Social: (4): OOOO

Extra Consequences:

  • Remove one Minor Physical/conflict as supplemental


  • Toughness:1


  • Initiative: +6 (Fantastic) Alertness + Speed
  • Attack: +3 (Good) Sword:4 (2 + Strength)
  • Attack: +4 (Great) Intimidation (Don’t need upper hand)
  • Attack: +3 (Good) Fists:2 (Strength)
  • Defense: +4 (Great) vs. Fists/Weapons OR +3 (Good) vs. Guns
  • Move: +4 (Great) Athletics + Speed
  • Social Initiative: +4 (Great) Empathy + Social Graces


  • Elements:
    • Summer (+rain/floods from Marduk) (Wildness, growth, renewal, fire, rain, floods))
  • Rotes
    • Personal Veil: Block (Sight):3 (Pwr:3/Cntrl:4)
  • Evocation (with all focus items):
    • Summer:
      • Base Power: +3 (Good)
      • Base Control: +4 (Great)
  • Thaumaturgy (with all focus items):
    • Summer:
      • Base Complexity: +1 (Average)
      • Base Control: +4 (Great)

Fabienne came to Las Vegas as a fresh-faced hopeful actor (Las Vegas is a thriving theater center). She wasn’t especially talented or trained. Her looks got her bit parts here and there, but her career never took off. She supplemented her income working tables in casinos (and earned a good living once she amde into the major casinos). Her stunning looks, charm, and her ability to shut down rowdy patrons with a firm look made her a natural. When she got a job at the Hanging Gardens, she had no idea her life was about to change

Shortly after beginning at the Hanging Gardens, she caught the attention of Greg McGuire, Marduk “scribe” and business manager. After a few discussions and tests, she was introduced to Marduk, who also took an instant liking to her. From that moment on, she became embroiled in the world of the Summer Court, or at least the “Sun Court” (Marduk’s self-stylized corner).

She proved her value again and again over the next few years, moving up in the hierarchy both at the Hanging Gardens casino and within the Sun Court. It seemed a natural fit when she became the Sun Knight (similar to the Summer Knight, though she drew on Marduk’s power and had much less status within the larger Summer Court).

In truth she tolerates all of the Babylonian trappings that Marduk drapes over his Sun Court, but she’s a thoroughly modern girl. In turn, Marduk expects her to pay lip service while in the Court, but is not displeased with her fiesty, independent spirit… as long as she doesn’t push too hard.

Fabienne Marceau

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