Fisnik "Nikki" Kraja

Manager of the Red Room Club


High Concept: Vicious Red Court Infected Lieutenant
Motivation: Rise to the very top


Nikki is scum. He’s a creepy guy who looks like he should be taking money from the girls at a trashy strip club and then pimping them out the back alley. The Red Room is actually a classier club than that (it’s still sleazy, just upscale about it), but Nikki isn’t.

Nikki’s Red Court Infected, not a full Red Court vampire. He needs to be able to be out and about during the day to run the business. He’s expected to control himself and stay just infected until he “proves himself” worthy, then he’ll be elevated to the Red Court nobility almost instantly. Despite his sleazy demeanor and general willingness to indulge any vice, he actually does have a strong disciplined will.

He’s being groomed by the Count to move into a high-ranking role eventually. The Count favors him because he’s also from Albania (like the Count). He outranks all of the full Red Court vampires, which they resent deeply. They also resent that he’s so clearly the Count’s favorite.

Fisnik "Nikki" Kraja

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