Giovanni la Figlio

Invision an indigineous italian. Dresses like a guido.


In vision an indigenous Italian: thin, slicked dark hair, square face with angular features. Dresses in the current trends; perfectly white shoes, pants, trendy button up, and a black sweat band on his arm. Wears his handgun, in a holster, on his belt.

Candidly bonhomie, a dash of gusto, and a bucket of carelessness. His motto: “la vita è imprevedibile!!”

Template: Champion of God
Power Level: Feet in the Water
Refresh Cost: -5


High Concept: Unwitting vessel for God’s chosen
Trouble: Hunted by Red Court
Other Aspects:

  • Member of (Masons)
  • Why do I always get the cursed sword?
  • Naive about the supernatural
  • Epic shot! I’m out of ammo!
  • It’s a good thing I have a gun shop


Great (+4): Conviction, Guns
Good (+3): Lore, Presence
Fair (+2): Contacts, Resources
Average (+1): Athletics, Rapport

Stunts and Powers

[-1] Guide My Hand (pg. 187)
[-1] Holy Touch (pg. 185)
[-1] Bless This House (pg. 187)
[-2] Righteousness (pg. 188)


Physical: OO (2)
Mental: OOOO (4)
Social: OOOO (4)

Other Notes

  • He has guns, up to and including assault rifles.

Born in Rodi Garganico, which is a small city off the east coast of Italy. Giovanni is an only Child. His Mother and his Father where “Catholics” who also happened to be very involved in the Free Masons. Giovanni’s childhood consisted of many meetings at the local lodge. Many of his friends where children of parent who where also members.

His primary schooling his parents send him to a extremely exclusive “boarding school.” which only took in around 30-40 children from all over the region. Besides the usual studies, there was additional curriculum, which oddly enough had an emphasis on God, parapsychology, cryptozoology, and old languages. As the years unfolded, Giovanni befriended many schoolmates. Many who left and became rather prestigious members of various societies. Such as Bishops and prime Ministers

As most children would play football in the street, or watch the game on the TV. Giovanni spend much of his time with his father. His father, a member of the “Guardia di Finanza” (or financial guard, Italian army position, which also takes a supporting role as police), also a member of the “Polizia Municipale” (municipal police) Who frequented hunting trips, and took Giovanni with him when there where “special crimes”

At the age of 13, his father was brutally killed in what was called “uno dei più misteriosi casi” (mysterious circumstances). Shortly after Giovanni moved to Palo Alto, California. Over a decade later, Giovanni now owns a gun shop and enjoys his hobby of ‘chatting online’.

Giovanni la Figlio

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