Goblin Gatekeeper to the Goblin market


Template/Type: Goblin Sidhe
Refresh Cost: -13 (-10 Powers)

Name: Grandfather
High Concept: Disguised Goblin Gatekeeper
Motivation: Keep up on the latest gossip
Other Aspects:

  • I’ve got a deal for you
  • You don’t wanna mess with me, boy/girl
  • My “grandkids” are always nearby (goblins)

Alertness: +4 (Great)
Athletics: +2 (Fair)
Conviction: +1 (Average)
Craftsmanship: +1 (Average)
Deceit: +4 (Great)
Discipline: +3 (Good)
Endurance: +3 (Good)
Fists: +2 (Fair)
Intimidation: +5 (Superb)
Lore: +2 (Fair)
Might: +3 (Good)
Presence: +1 (Average)
Weapons: +4 (Great)

(-4) Greater Glamours (pg 166) – See details below
(-1) Echoes of the Beast (pg 163)
(-1) Pack Instincts (pg 165)
(-1) Marked by Power (pg 169) – Goblin Market
(-2) Inhuman Strength (pg 183)
(-2) Inhuman Toughness (pg 185)
(-2) Inhuman Recovery (pg 185)
(3) The Catch (pg 185) – Standard fae weaknesses

(-1) Subtle Menace (Intimidation): Do’t need upper hand
(-1) Takes One to Know One (Deceit): Use Deceit to detect lies
(-1) Finely Tuned 3rd Eye (Lore): +2 to use Lore for investigation

Physical: (6): OOOO | OO
Mental: (3): OOO
Social: (3): OOO

Extra Consequences:

  • Remove one Minor Physical/conflict as supplemental


  • Toughness:1


  • Initiative: +4 (Great) OR +5 (Superb) near pack
  • Attack: +4 (Great) Spear:5 (3 + Strength)
  • Attack: +4 (Great) Grapple (2 stress as supplemental)
  • Defense: +4 (Great) vs. Weapons/Fists OR +2 (Fair) vs. Guns or without weapon
  • Move: +2 (Fair) Athletics

Greater Glamours:

  • Veils (up to a group/small vehicle) – Diff: 6 to detect (Deceit +2)
  • Seemings: Change target’s appearance – Diff: 6 to detect (Deceit +2)
  • True Seemings: Create an object from ectoplam; only one at a time

No one knows much about Grandfather. He’s been there since the entrance to the Goblin Market opened in the back of the Black Swan boutique on Fremont Street. He’s always appeared as a curmudgeounly, yet mischevious old man whittling endlessly in front of a big wodden door. He’s never been seen anywhere else 9and the door has never been seen unguarded).

Anyone who wants to enter the Goblin Market must first get the passphrase from him and he demands a price (either an onerous quest or juicy gossip). He always knows if someone gets the passphrase from soneone else instead of directly from him and he revokes the teller’s access, as well, until they do penance (somehow he always knows who told as well).

It is very unadvisable to attack Grandfather directly; he is more than capable of defending the gate from all but the most concerted attack (and then once you got into the Goblin Market… well, goblins aren’t known for their gentle, forgiving natures).


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