Greg McGuire

Marduk's "Scribe" and Manager of the Hanging Gardens Hotel and Casino


Template/Type: Emissary of Power / Focused Practitioner
Refresh Cost: -5 (-4 Powers)

Name: Greq McGuire
High Concept: Scribe of Marduk; Manager of the Hanging Gardens
Motivation: Fascinated by Ancient Babylon
Other Aspects:

  • I’m a Babylonian scholar first
  • Magic is real… (thrilled and terrified)
  • (Not so) secret crush on Fabienne Marceau

Alertness: +1 (Average)
Athletics: +1 (Average)
Contacts: +2 (Fair)
Conviction: +1 (Average)
Deceit: +1 (Average)
Discipline: +3 (Good)
Empathy: +2 (Fair)
Endurance: +1 (Average)
Presence: +4 (Great)
Rapport: +2 (Fair)
Resources: +3 (Good)
Scholarship: +4 (Great)

(-1) Marked by Power (pg 169) Marduk
(-2) Ritual (pg 181) Babylonian summoning
(1) Item of Power (pg 167) Tablets around neck
(-2) Glamours (pg 166) from Tablet (above)

(-1) Babylonian Lore (Scholarship): Use Scholarship in place of Lore for Rituals

Physical: (3): OOO
Mental: (3): OOO
Social: (4): OOOO


  • Initiative: +1 (Average) Alertness
  • Attack: +0 (Mediocre) Fists/Weapons/Guns
  • Defense: +1 (Average) Athletics
  • Move: +1 (Average) Athletics


  • Focus/Enchanted Items:
    • Focus Items:
      • Tablets of Office: Ritual (+2 Control)
  • Rituals (with all focus items):
    • Crafting:
      • Base Strength: +4 (Mediocre)
      • Base Frequency: +1x/Session
    • Babylonian Rituals:
      • Base Complexity: +4 (Great)
      • Base Control: +5 (Good)
  • He has a few demons pre-summoned and pre-bound into clay jars that he can break to unleash.
    • See here for demon stats
    • May only use one in any given conflict
    • When he breaks, he must succeed at a simple opposed Control (5: Discipline + tablets) vs. the demon’s Discipline to control it
    • If he fails, it will go after him instead

Greg was hired as a Babylonian expert during the design phase of the Hanging Gardens casino and hotel in order to make it a reasonably authentic replica of the original Hanging Gardens. He was trying to get a job teaching at a university with occasional archeological forays into Iraq to study the ruins, but the Vegas project paid well and he was secretly pleased by the opportunity to make it right. Part way through the design process, he was visited in his office by a strange, captivating man who began arguing with him about minute details in his design. Greg argued back; while it was clear that somehow this visitor knew more about the original Hanging Gardens, Greg understood the needs and strengths of modern architecture better. The man left in a huff, but later Greg learned that he had impressed him nonetheless. That visitor was the faerie lord Marduk. Yes, that Marduk (the high god of ancient Babylon), if he was to be believed.

Greg accepted Marduk’s offer to work for him, accepting a formal priest-scribe role and also taking over the operation of the casino and hotel. While casino management had certainly never been in his considered career paths, Marduk’s obsession with recreating a piece of Babylonian culture gave Greg a way to live out his passion far more fully than a teaching or archeology ever could.

Still, he’s not completely comfortable in the supernatural world and he’s more than a little nervous around Marduk in the flesh.

Greg McGuire

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