John Anastas (Giannis Anastasiou)

An easy-going, fun-loving psychometrist artifact-hunter who's in and out of jail/mental institutions.


Template: (Unknowing) Emissary of Power
Power Level: Feet in the Water
Refresh Cost: -5


High Concept: Artifact-hunting psychometrist
Trouble: Touching is Hell; turning away is damnation
Other Aspects:

  • Don’t stand out or make a scene
  • Everyone lies; steal the truth
  • Don’t mourn, be mourned
  • You don’t fix evil, you destory it
  • ???


Good (+3): Athletics, Empathy
Fair (+2): Conviction, Presence, Rapport,
Average (+1): Deceit, Driving, Endurance, Fists, Guns, Intimidation, Scholarship, Stealth

Stunts and Powers

[-1] The Sight (pg. 174)
[+2] Human Form: Involuntary (pg. 176) – Affects all powers below
[-1] Marked by Power (pg. 169)
[-5] Mimc Abilities (pg. 176)


Physical: OOO (3)
Mental: OOO (3)
Social: OOO (3)

Other Notes



John Anastas (Giannis Anastasiou)

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