Mark Eden

An ex-con with sigil-based ritual magic who is haunted by the necessary but terrible things he has done.


Template: Focused Practitioner
Power Level: Feet in the Water
Refresh Cost: -4


High Concept: Sigilist spirit-hunter
Trouble: The Searchlight Massacre
Other Aspects:

  • Ex-convict car thief
  • Sigil tattoos (at too high a price)
  • The Red Court will pay for what they do
  • ???
  • ???


Great (+4): Burglary
Good (+3): Lore, Alertness
Fair (+2): Athletics, Conviction, Weapons
Average (+1): Driving, Endurance, Intimidation, Stealth

Stunts and Powers

[-2] Rituals (Enchanting using sigils)
[-2] Refinements (+4 focus item slots)

Magic Items

(6.0 Slots)

Focus Items
  • Book of sigils (+1 Strength for enchanted items) – 1.0 slot
Enchanted Items

Tattoos: (2.0 slots total)

  • “Wooden Skin” tattoo: Armor (Physical): 2 [3 uses/session] – 1.0 slots
  • “Iron Gate” tattoo: Mental magic block: 4 [1 use/session] – 0.5 slots
  • “Faded Touch” tattoo: Block attempts to find evidence (video, lineup, fingerprints, etc.): 4 [1 use/session] – 0.5 slots

(Actually one-shot sigils drawn on items)

On Dagger: (1.5 slots total)

  • “Ghost Knife” [x2 uses] (Weapon: 4 against incorporeal spirits and ghosts; need to roll Weapons to hit) Duration: Instantaneous – 1.0 slots (0.5 each with 2 uses)
  • “Puppet Strings” (May move with a thought at a result of 4 [as Weapons or Might, depending on whether the power or the accuracy is in question]) – Duration: One scene – 0.5 slots

Open Potion Slots: 3 (1.5 slots) – Usually drawn on wooden paint stirring sticks or similar.

Common “potions” include detecting supernatural, cutting through solid objects easily, veiling targets (up to a zone in size at times), more “ghost knives” for allies to hurt spirits, blocks to keep supernatural entities for entering or leaving a zone, attacks to banish spirits, and “tangled vines” to keep others from moving.


Physical: OOO (3)
Mental: OOO (3)
Social: OO (2)

Other Notes

  • Has Armor:2 for 3 uses a session from “Wooden Skin” sigil tattoo
  • Has a knife (weapon: 1) that he uses a lot (two pretty regular “potions” on it are TK for a scene and weapon: 4 vs. incorporeal entities).

I’ll copy over the five phases of character creation to here later (fro mteh forums on OP and form notes from our first session).

Mark Eden

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