Max Gray

Cocky Sorcerer Lieutenant


Template/Type: Sorcerer
Refresh Cost: -12

Name: Max Gray
High Concept: Warlock’s Ambitious Lieutenant
Motivation: The Tower will be mine when he falters
Other Aspects:

  • (Secret – See GM Only)
  • Bully in a $3,000 suit
  • Overconfident
  • Not so subtle, but still quick to anger
    Jacob Huxhold is a dangerous but useful tool

Alertness: +1 (Average)
Athletics: +2 (Fair)
Contacts: +1 (Average)
Conviction: +4 (Great)
Deceit: +1 (Average)
Discipline: +4 (Great)
Endurance: +3 (Good)
Fists: +2 (Fair)
Guns: +2 (Fair)
Intimidation: +4 (Great)
Investigation: +1 (Average)
Lore: +3 (Good)
Might: +3 (Good)
Presence: +1 (Average)
Rapport: +1 (Average)
Resources: +2 (Fair)

(-3) Evocation (pg 180)
(-3) Thaumaturgy (pg 181)
(-1) The Sight (pg 174)
(0) Soulgaze (pg 174)
(0) Wizard’s Constitution (pg 170)
(-1) Lawbreaker (pg 182) 3rd Law (get +2 to Invade)
(-2) Lawbreaker (pg 182) 4th Law (get +3 to Enthrall)
(-2) Lawbreaker (pg 182) 7th Law (get +3 with Outsiders)

Physical: (4): OOOO
Mental: (4): OOOO
Social: (3): OOO


  • Elements:
    • Spirit (Subtle)
    • Fire
    • Air
  • Evocation Specializations:
    • Spirit (Subtle): +1 Control
  • Thaumaturgy Specializations:
    • Entropomancy: +1 Complexity
  • Focus/Enchanted Items:
    • Total Focus Item Slots: 4.0
    • Focus Items:
      • Blasting Rod Fire: +2 Off Pwr (2.0 slots)
      • Athame Entropomancy: +1 Cntrl (1.0 slot)
    • Enchanted Items:
      • Abyssal Vial (Outside): Maneuver to place ‘Abyssal Assault’ on all living creatures in one zone; everyone in zone (or who enters zone) is ‘poisoned’ and must roll Discipline or Endurance to defend against an attack at Strength:4; continue rolling each round until Taken Out or Concede (fall unconscious); Acts as Poisoned Claws (pg 163) except a) a full-turn maneuver may be taken against diff 6 to remove aspect (must be out of zone to attempt), b) a successful Discipline or Endurance roll against diff 2 will remove aspect after waking up (i.e. no medical care required), and c) aspect can dispelled with countermagic against diff 4. (1.0 slot)
  • Rotes
    • Abyssal Whirlwind: Block:5 for 3 turns (Power:7/Control:7) – Two Mental stress
    • Abyssal Fire Blast: Attack at Strength:2 + Maneuver to place “Sickened by Outside” maneuver (up to Endurance 4) (Power:6/Control:7) – One Mental stress
    • Invade the Mind: Mental attack at Strength:4 to invade the mind and read any depth of thoughts and feelings (Pwr:4/Ctrl:7) – One mental stress
  • Evocation (with all focus items):
    • Fire (with Outside):
      • Base Power: +6 (Fantastic)
      • Base Control: +7 (Epic)
    • Fire (w/o Outside):
      • Base Power: +6 (Fantastic)
      • Base Control: +4 (Great)
    • Spirit (to Enthrall):
      • Base Power: +4 (Great)
      • Base Control: +8 (Legendary)
    • Spirit (to Invade):
      • Base Power: +4 (Great)
      • Base Control: +7 (Epic)
  • Thaumaturgy (with all focus items):
    • Crafting:
      • Base Strength: +3 (Mediocre)
      • Base Frequency: +1x/Session
    • Entropomancy:
      • Base Complexity: +4 (Great)
      • Base Control: +5 (Superb)
    • Other:
      • Base Complexity: +3 (Good)
      • Base Control: +4 (Great)

Max Gray is a self-taught sorcerer of considerable power. Whereas the Warlock is a raging warlock but relatively stable, Max is a more typical warlock: a cruel, sadistic, inhuman monster who’s arguably criminally insane. The Warlock keeps him in line, mostly, and the Compact (and the other powerful factions behind it) keep him teh rest of the way in line. But make no mistake: Max Gray is a total bastard.

He is ambitious and it’s an open secret he wants to take the Warlock’s place. Max has a tense relationship with his fellow lieutenant and rival, Jacob Huxhold. Neither trusts the other and would be happy to see the other dead, but they also recognize that the other is a potential resource to be exploited, so they dance around each other like hyena’s. So far their clashes have been kept relatively restrained by the Warlock.

Max Gray

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