Sammy Beck

Aging poker player and Paranet Scout


Template/Type: Minor Talent
Refresh Cost: -6 (-1 Powers)

Name: Sammy Beck
High Concept: Card Talent Paranet Scout
Motivation: I serve to redeem my betrayal
Other Aspects:

  • Rituals and superstitions of the cards
  • I’m dying of cancer anyway
  • I’ve been on the top and now I’m on the bottom

Alertness: +2 (Fair)
Athletics: +1 (Average)
Contacts: +1 (Average)
Conviction: +1 (Average)
Deceit: +4 (Great)
Discipline: +4 (Great)
Driving: +1 (Average)
Empathy: +3 (Good)
Fists: +2 (Fair)
Guns: +1 (Average)
Lore: +3 (Good)
Rapport: +2 (Fair)

(-1) The Sight (pg 174)

(-1) Read the Cards (Lore): Use Lore and cards for fortune-telling
(-1) Poker Face (Deceit): Use Deceit for social defense when staying calm
(-1) Quick Hands (Deceit): Use Deceit for picking pockets, cheating at cards, and other sleight of hand
(-1) Sight-Scarred (Discipline): Armor:1 vs. horrible sights and visions
(-1) Paranet contacts (Contacts): +1 to Contacts rolls within Paranet and spread info one time step faster

Physical: (2): OO
Mental: (3): OOO
Social: (2): OO


  • Sight-Scarred:1 vs. horrible sights and visions (incl. Using the Sight)


  • Initiative: 2 (Fair)
  • Attack: 2 (Fair) (Fists)
  • Attack: 1 (Average) (Guns) Hold-out pistol:1
  • Defense: 1 (Average) or 2 (Fair) vs. Fists

Sammy Beck

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