Sean Byrne


Template: Pure Mortal
Power Level: Feet in the Water
Refresh Cost: -2 (-4 plus +2 Pure Mortal bonus)


High Concept: Clean-up and disposal man
Trouble: On the radar
Other Aspects:

  • Friends and family first
  • Anything for a pretty face
  • The warning beat of Dad’s trusty pocket watch
  • I know how to stand behind the guy who can take a hit
  • I told you not to touch that…


Great (+4): Investigation, Rapport
Good (+3): Deceit, Discipline
Fair (+2): Contacts, Lore
Average (+1): Athletics, Presence

Stunts and Powers

[-2] Pure Mortal
[-1] Unshakeable [Discipline] (pg. 151)
[-1] Scene of the Crime [Investigation] (pg. 153)
[-1] Finely-Tuned Third Eye [Lore] (pg. 154)
[-1] Talent for Misdirection [Deceit] (+2 to Deceit when lying to protect others)


Physical: OO (2)
Mental: OO (2)
Social: OOO (3)

Other Notes


Sean Byrne

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