Factions and Organizations

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Group Face(s) Location(s) Disposition
The White Council Ray King Marverick Truck Stop Outsider trafficking must be stopped
The Red Court Martha |S|
Count Valon Dosti |C|
The Red Room Nightclub Open war with White Council
The White Court Monique Skotakis |S&C|
Elizabeth Skotakis |C|
The Aria Skotakis openly friendly with White Council party
The Tower Gloria Pierce |S|
The Warlock |C|
The Flamingo Neutral
Cuprofax (Dragon) Steve Wynn Bellagio Neutral
The Summer Court Fabienne Marceau |S|
Marduk |C|
Hanging Gardens Neutral
The Winter Court Jenni Skye Minus Five Club Open emnity with White Council party
The Wild Hunt Karsa Unknown Openly friendly with White Council party
The Ushers Faceless group The Strip (HQ unknown) Officially neutral
The Venatori
Patrick Uman Venatori HQ Allies of White Council in Vampire War
The Paranet Sammy Beck |S|
Gloria Pierce |C|
No group location Unknown

Independents & Minor Factions

Mundane Groups

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Factions and Organizations

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