Goblin Market

At a Glance

Face: “Grandfather”
Aspect: (Theme) Buyers Beware

Quick Description

The Entrance to the Goblin Market is in a back room of a high-end boutique on Fremont Street. It is guarded by a little old man with a wide, hungry smile (actually the goblin called “Grandfather” under a glamour).

Quick Reference

  • Don’t mess with Grandfather (tough and lots of reinforcements almost instantly)
  • Need the passphrase to get in (not hard to learn, but keeps out the clueless)
  • The Goblin Market has a dizzying mish-mash of vendors at wildly variant booths and shops

PC Interactions


Once you get past the “old man” guard, the Goblin Market (actually in a wild area of Faerie), anything is for sale or wager. The deal is sacrosanct, but fairness or honesty are optional. In any deal in the Goblin Market, if you don’t know who the sucker is, then it’s probably you.

These goblins are definitely not push-overs. Stick to the rules, and the Goblin Market is one of the safest places you could ever be. Break those rules, and you’ll be lucky to get out alive.

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Goblin Market

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