Hanging Gardens

At a Glance

Face: Fabienne Marceau
Aspect: (Theme) The Glories of Ancient Babylon

Quick Description

A near replica of the fabled Babylonian Hanging Gardens.

Quick Reference

  • Headquarters of Summer Court in Las Vegas
  • Marduk, powerful Summer sidhe lord, spends much of his time there
  • Fabienne Marceau is Marduk’s “Sun Knight” (similar to Sumemr and Winter Knights)
  • Greg McGuire is Marduk’s “scrie”, as well as running the casino/hotel and being a fair summoner
  • Greg has a few Babylonian demons bound into wards (see stats here
  • The fae court (including faeries, changelings, and motals) is stylized on Babylonian courts

PC Interactions


The Hanging Gardens Resort and Casino is a near replica of the fabled Babylonian Ancient Wonder of the World (near enough that anyone old enough to have seen the original would be struck by the architect’s knowledge of the details).

It is also the headquarters of the Summer court in Las Vegas. [[:134692, a powerful lord of the [[Summer Court } Summer court]]spends much of his time there.

The Summer Court with its attendant groups of changelings and scores of human servants and employees, are all modeled after a Babylonian themes with Marduk as the God-Emperor (though he is generally relatively “hands-off”, or at least usually acts through his intermediaries).

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Hanging Gardens

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