Las Vegas (High Level)

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City Sheet (High Level)

City-Wide Themes and Threats

The Vegas Compact (Theme)

The major players and factions of Las Vegas band together to squash threats to the status quo; they may be at each others’ throats, but there’s too much money and power at stake to let chaos disrupt the bottom line. The Las Vegas Compact is an agreement signed by all of the major factions in Las Vegas decades ago; it is effectively an addendum to the Unseelie Accords for the Las Vegas area and it is enforced ruthlessly by all of the major factions as well as the mysterious Ushers.

The Faces


The Veil is Unraveling (Theme)

The Veil between our world and the Nevernever has always been thin in the valley and the press of people, passion, and magic has frayed it further, allowing demons and monsters to walk the neon-lit streets. The fraying or thinning of the Veil is measurably accelerating; not one knows for sure why, though many have theories. The number of spirits, demons, and monsters on the street has also increased dramatically, whether intangible, encased in constructs, or possessing witting or unwitting hosts.

The Faces

Outsider Trafficking (Threat)

Anything can be wagered, bought, or sold in Vegas. But lately a new market has emerged, selling Outsiders to the highest bidder (usually for tens of millions). These “pets” provide immortality and magical power, but by their nature they corrupt their “owners” and reality around them. Eventually if it isn’t stopped, the Outsider trafficking will end catastrophically for the city, the region, and potentially the world. So far no one knows who is summoning the Outsiders and introducing them into the market.

The Faces

The Balance of Power

The Status Quo
What is the Supernatural Status Quo?
What is the Mundane Status Quo?
Movers and Shakers

Las Vegas (High Level)

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