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Location Area Group Face(s) Aspect
The Flamingo The Strip City Gloria Pierce |S|
The Warlock |C|
(Threat) The Tower in the Wasteland
The Aria The Strip City Monique Skotakis (Theme) Glittering Jewel of the Skotakis Clan
Hanging Gardens The Strip City Greg McGuire (Theme) The Glories of Ancient Babylon
Minus Five Club The Strip City Jenni Skye (Theme) Artificial Winter
Bellagio The Strip Both Alfonso Sabio (Theme) Treasures Below
Harmon Hotel The Strip City The Architect (Theme) Structural Faults: Postponed Indefinitely
Storm Drains Underground Both Lacy |S|
Aaron Devadoss |C|
(Threat) Here There be Monsters
Billy’s Diner Off-Strip Street Billy Miles (Theme) A Haven (and Waffles) in the Night
Fremont Street (FSE) Downtown Both Sammy Beck (Threat) Stronghold of the Red Court
Goblin Market Downtown Both “Grandfather” (Theme) Buyers Beware
The Red Room Nightclub Downtown City Fisnik “Nikki” Kraja |S|
Count Valon “Val” Dosti |C|
(Threat) Everyone Has A Price
Marverick Truck Stop Southwest City Ray King (Threat) Last Outpost of the White Council
Venatori HQ Southcentral Both Patrick Uman (Threat) Dangerously Open Secret
Sean’s Shop Street Sean Byrne (Theme) I Run a Legitimate Business

Other Locations

Regions of Las Vegas

  • West (Bolden): The west central portion of the city, including the old westside, an area bordered by I-15, US-95, Rancho Drive and Lake Mead Boulevard
  • The Strip: The Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas Convention Center areas
  • Downtown: Downtown Las Vegas and areas roughly east of Eastern, south of Owens and north of Sahara Avenue, including the infamous ‘Naked City’ and Fremont Street areas
  • Northeast: Unincorporated areas of North Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Speedway/Nellis AFB area
  • Northwest: West of Decatur Blvd and north of Charleston Blvd
  • Southeast: East of Maryland Parkway and south of Sahara Blvd and includes unincorporated areas of Henderson
  • Southwest (Enterprise): The southwest valley west of I-15 and south of Charleston Blvd. Also includes Chinatown.
  • South Central: The areas south of McCarran Airport between Interstate 15 and roughly Eastern Avenue.


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