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Las Vegas Campaign

Welcome to our Dresden Files campaign set in Las Vegas. We created two groups of player characters (one at the high-end “Submerged” power level and the other at the low-end “Feet in the Water” power level). The two story lines both revolve around the same themes and threats, particularly the newly emerged trafficking of Outsiders by an unknown source. Each sub-campaign has a separate story line, but the two story-lines complement and intersect each other to tell a larger story.

We’ll be playing a single night each week and rotating between the two sub-campaigns by switching between scenarios (about 4 sessions on average). Each sub-campaign has a different GM, but the same group of players are involved in both sub-campaigns (with the GMs also being players in the sub-campaign they aren’t running).

See the Home Page for a taste of this campaign’s vision of Las Vegas.

The Player Characters

“Street” Campaign (Feet in the Water)
“City” Campaign (Submerged)
  • Alois – Overconfident wizard in it for the money
  • Daniel Hollister – Venator field agent in the Oblivion War
  • Marcovic – Inexperienced, eager Warden
  • Tom – Native American werebear emissary of a bear spirit

The Story So Far…

ACT I: The Copper Discs
1st “Street” Session And So It Begins
2nd “Street” Session Unwanted Attention
3rd “Street” Session Family, Friends, and Psychotic Vampires
4th “Street” Session To the Market We Go…
5th “Street” Session Gambling with the Sun
ACT II: Outsider Trafficking
1st “City” Session Monster Ball
2nd “City” Session The Hunt Begins
3rd “City” Session Opening Volleys
4th “City” Session Spiders and Zombies and Vampires, Oh My!
5th “City” Session Busting the Trafficking Ring
ACT III: A Perfect Storm
1st “Climax” Session (Coming Soon…)
2nd “Climax” Session (Coming Soon…)

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