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Las Vegas Campaign

Welcome to our Dresden Files campaign set in Las Vegas. We are resuming this campaign soon to play out the next chapter.

A Trade in Monsters (2010-11 Campaign)

We started the first campaign in 2010 and played a twelve session campaign using the Dresden Files RPG system. We created two groups of player characters (one at the high-end “Submerged” power level and the other at the low-end “Feet in the Water” power level). The two story lines both revolved around the same themes and threats, particularly the newly emerged trafficking of Outsiders by an unknown source. Each sub-campaign had a separate story line, but the two story-lines complemented and intersected each other to tell a larger story, culminating in a two session climax that brought the two storylines together under the shadow of a Wild Hunt raging across Las Vegas.

The face of Las Vegas was changed irrevocably.

A Power Vacuum (2017 Campaign)

Fast forward seven years to 2017. We’ll be resuming with a second campaign sometime this year (2017).

This campaign will take place seven years after the first campaign (the same amount of time that has passed outside the game). The events of the last campaign are still being felt, along with the vacuum left by the fall of the Red Court due to events in the novel Changes.

There will be a mix of familiar faces and new faces in the city’s supernatural community. We may see a few returning faces among the PCs, but maybe not.

This is a new chapter in the ongoing campaign which will have its own threats and challenges.

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See the Home Page for a taste of this campaign’s vision of Las Vegas.


We borrowed heavily from several sources as inspiration for this campaign. The below list is not exhaustive:

  • Last Call by Tim Powers inspired the Tower and the Warlock, as well as some of the thematic background elements in this version of Las Vegas
  • The Twenty Palaces series by Harry Connolly inspired the idea of Outsider trafficking
  • The chapter on Last Vegas in the Paranet Papers supplement for Dresden Files RPG came out after the first campaign concluded, but there was a surprising amount of overlap and it inspired much of the 2017 campaign

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