Marverick Truck Stop

At a Glance

Face: Ray King
Aspect: (Threat) Last Outpost of the White Council

Quick Description

A full-service truck stop tucked behind a Wendy’s at the southwest edge of Las Vegas Blvd before it becomes the Strip.

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Standing Wards on Marverick

Ray is an obsessive preparer and spends at least an hour every day building, recharging, adjusting, or tinkering with the wards spread across the Marverick truck stop, especially in his private back room, which acts as his magical lab, his vault, his last line of defense, and his getaway hatch (he has an enchanted “back door” that lets him flee into the Nevernever in an emergency). Almost all of his wards are sustained and focused by numerous small gems and stones scattered around. Each stone has a subtle Veil-like ward against being noticed (rather than blocking sight, it blocks any attention being focused on them).

  • Any winged wards/veils at Strength/Complexity: 8
  • Always-on Border Alarm
    • Detect any supernatural being crossing border (Strength 6)
  • Always-on Ward (with landmines and alarm) on back room
    • Alarm sounds if anyone tampers with door
    • Strength: 10 Landmine
      • Condition: Don’t trigger is they have a “key” from Ray
    • Spent considerable effort on this ward, so well above “default” ward level
    • Door always locked and subtle Veil (see below) to avoid innocent mishaps
  • Emergency Ward on all of Marverick
    • Block Strength: 6
  • Emergency strategic Landmines (scattered throughout Marverick and in parking lot; subtly veiled from detection – see below)
    • Condition: Have to be activated (Ray touches sympathetic small stones in his pocket and says a word)
    • Focused Blast (one target): Strength: 6
    • Area Blast (one zone): Strength: 4
  • Always-on Block against noticing backroom
    • Subtle “Veil”-like Ward, Strength: 4
  • Always-on Block against noticing gems/stones throughout store
    • Subtle “Veil”-like Ward, Strength: 4

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Marverick Truck Stop

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