Red Room

At a Glance

“Street” Face: Fisnik “Nikki” Kraja
“City” Face: Count Valon “Val” Dosti
Aspect: (Threat) Everyone Has A Price

Quick Description

A nightclub located in the heart of Fremont Street. Pulsing with red lights against a black leather, shining chrome, and smoked glass decor.

Quick Reference

  • Headquarters of the Red Court in Las Vegas
  • Nikki is the manager (Red Court Infected and the favorite of Count Dosti)
  • During the day, the Red Room is guarded by:
    • Adam Bragg (Half-Ogre bouncer; immune to magic)
    • Blue (Strange ghost in a body made of rats)
    • Nikki Kraja (Red-Court Infected lieutenant of Count Dosti)
  • At night, it is guarded by:
    • Nikki Kraja
    • Martha (Insane favored child of Count Dosti)
    • Dirk (Flunky of Martha)
    • Weasel (Flunky of Martha)
  • If they are expecting trouble, some or all of teh below can be called in:

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Red Room

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