Sean's Shop

At a Glance

Face: Sean Byrne
Aspect: (Theme) I Run a Legitimate Business

Quick Description

The shop is on the bottom-floor of a two-story building in the corner lot.

Quick Reference

  • Corner lot
  • Top floor is Sean’s apartment
  • Neighbors include a pet shop
  • Private delivery and access alley (with door to apartment)

PC Interactions


Sean owns an artifacts shop that’s “open by appointment only”. It isn’t his only business or his main source of income, but it does provide him with a way to move items he acquires in his clean-up jobs. Despite the part-time nature of his shop, he has become a small-time player in the occult artifact business and his reputation is slowly but surely growing.

Sean lives in an apartment above the shop with his friends Giovanni, John, and Mark. The living quarters are cramped at present, but the arrangement is expected to be a temporary one.

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Sean's Shop

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