Spider Host

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Face: Aaron Devadoss


The Spider Mother scuttles around the Storm Drains weaving its “webs” into the Veil itself. Its true objective is unknown. The other factions are so far happy to leave it alone in its section of the Storm Drains.

The Spider Mother has also claimed three “children” (a “son” and two “daughters”): The reluctant Aaron, the insane Dierdre, and the damaged Angel. The Spider Mother, her three “children”, and vast numbers of spiders (mundane and spirits) form the Spider host.

The Spider Host claims a section of the Storm Drains below the Strip. Other supernaturals are not welcome unless invited (a rare occurrence).

The homeless humans who dwell in that area are largely safe, as long as they pay the price. Benny, a “shaman” in the Storm Drains, administered the paying of the price until he was murdered by the Outsider called Vanguard. The impact of this murder on the “arrangement” between the homeless and the Spider Host is yet to be seen.

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Spider Host

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