Venatori Umbrorum

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An ancient order of humans dedicated to fighting the darker aspects of the supernatural. What they lack in magical or supernatural powers, they make up for in political influence, knowledge, and conventional firepower.

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Very little is known about the Venatori; they have been described as being “like the Masons, but with flame throwers.” While they have some armed assets, they excel at using their influence in society to hinder the movement of supernatural predators such as vampires. The Venatori have been credited with freezing bank accounts, cutting supply lines, exposing mortal collaborators, and even going so far as assassinating or kidnapping agents of the Vampire Courts. They are allied with the White Council in the war against the Red Court. The order’s name, Venatori Umbrorum, is Latin (albeit with an incorrect declension). It reads, roughly “The Hunters of Shadows”.

It is still unknown exactly what the Venatori Umbrorum know about the copper ring discs or why they want them.

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Venatori Umbrorum

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