overconfident Wizard capitalist


Template/Type: Wizard
Refresh Cost: -9

Name: Alois
High Concept: Overconfident Wizard Capitalist
Trouble: My mouth runs without warning
Other Aspects:

  • Break the system, down with the Man!
  • To gain power or not to gain power?
  • Former thrall of the White Court
  • Cuprofax is interfering AGAIN?
  • Fear of moving vehicles

Alertness: +1 (Average)
Athletics: +2 (fair)
Conviction: +5 (Superb)
Discipline: +5 (Superb)
Endurance: +3 (Good)
Guns: +2 (Fair)
Lore: +4 (Great)
Might: +1 (Average)
Presence: +1 (Average)
Resources: +4 (Great)
Scholarship: +3 (Good)
Stealth: +2 (Fair)
Weapons: +1 (average)

(-3) Evocation (pg 180)
(-3) Thaumaturgy (pg 181)
(-1) The Sight (pg 174)
(0) Soulgaze (pg 174)
(0) Wizard’s Constitution (pg 170)
(-2) Refinement (pg 182) (+4 Focus Item slots)

Physical: (4): OOOO
Mental: (4): OOOO
Social: (3): OOO

Extra Consequences:

  • Extra Minor Mental consequence


  • Physical:3 3x/session (Enchanted Item)



  • Initiative: 1 (Average)
  • Attack: 2 (Fair) Guns
  • Attack: 2 (Fair) Weapons
  • Defense: 3 (Good) Athletics OR +4 (Great) Enchanted Item – 3x/session
  • Move: 3 (Good) Athletics
  • Languages: (Czech, German, Latin, English, Hungarian)


  • Elements:
    • Spirit
    • Earth
    • Air
  • Evocation Specializations:
    • Spirit (+1 Control)
  • Thaumaturgy Specializations:
    • Crafting (+1 Frequency)
  • Focus & Enchanted Items:
    • Total Focus Item Slots: 8
    • Focus Items:
      • Asp Wand (+1 Offensive Spirit Control / +3 Offensive Spirit Power) (4.0 slots)
    • Enchanted items:
      • Protective Brass Knuckles (+4 Armor; 3x/session) (2.5 slots)
      • Near Future Glasses (Lore 4 for physical defense; 3x/session) (0.5 slot)
    • Potion Slots: 2 (1.0 slots)
  • Rotes:
    • (create 4)
  • Evocation (with all focus items):
    • Spirit attacks (black lightning)
      • Base Power: 8 (Lengendary)
      • Base Control: 7 (Epic)
    • Everything else (Spirit/Air/Earth)
      • Base Power: 5 (Superb)
      • Base Control: 5 (Super)
  • Thaumaturgy (with all focus items):
    • Crafting:
      • Base Strength: 4 (Great)
      • Base Frequency: 3x/session
    • Potions:
      • Base Strength: 4 (Great)
    • Everything else:
      • Base Complexity: 4 (Great)
      • Base Control: 5 (Superb)

Phase 1:
“Have you ever been ran until you’re lungs where about to explode, only to be violently immersed into ice water; being unable to escape your icy death, you slowly sink in the next world?
you haven’t!?
well I have. would you like to know what I found in the abyss? Power… true power. Unimaginable, unbelievable, incomprehensible power. Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the kind of power you would take home to mother. this power wasn’t pretty and I wouldn’t touche that power with a pole of any length. Too many strings attached.
But all that power…it makes one think, how can I get some of that power without the attachments? hmm….”

Alois (AH lo ees) was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire on the 1st of Jan, 1900. He fought WW1 as a young lieutenant. After the War he moved to the then Czechoslovakia with his mother. There he began his training with his mother. Quickly he learned the dichotomy between child and student (but not in a greek way). A loving mother who was also a ruthless and over controlling mentor

His mother’s unofficial motto was “the weak die quickly, luck is for the weak”. Once the training commenced it never stopped. each moment was for the sole purpose of training. Most lessons where object lessons, geared towards exploiting the inevitable failures that are brought on by exhaustion of the body and slips of concentration when the mind begins to buckle.

Failure was often met with a brutal and effective punishment. efficiency and unflinching concentration was a prized commodity during his apprenticeship. It was not in the curriculum to socialize, talking was limited to ‘question and answer’ or ‘listen while I lecture or correct you’

Generally life was good. Alios took the opportunity to loot or use his talents as barter. Though he was never flamboyant with his profits. Though it was not often he went to bed cold or hungry.

During WWII his training turned to something of more hands on. lingering soldiers. became target practice. small patrols or squads became badges of honor. Though of course, no magic was allowed to be used, since that would break the 1st law of Magic, ‘thou shalt not kill’. These training exercises where to train in wit and adaptability.

Along with the stringent regiment of studies, there was also the indoctrination process. Which was at the least very … dogmatic. decades of “the white council this” and “the white council that”, “the rules are..” left a rather sour disposition on Alois. Combined with the conception of being “controlled” throughout his training and apprenticeship. It would be safe to say that the first breath of freedom resulted in a rather over dramatic display of rebellion.

Besides speaking Czech ,he speaks German, English, and Latin.

Phase 2:
“have you ever experienced true addiction? I’m sure some have. Though I don’t suggest it. There is something feral and

It was early may of 1945, at lake como, in Italy. A most memorable day. Though, the day was memorable not because Alios sipped coffee near the location of Benito Mussolini’s dead, upside down body being hung at a local petrol station. Nor because he had just days before arrived from Czechoslovakia.

It was memorable because, it was this day that he saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life. And when she looked at him he felt powerful, like he could conquer the world. after a brief introduction the hook was set. afterwords Alois was taken on the most beautiful, transcendent, wonderfully aweful experience with a member of the whites… epic drum pounding.

Phase 3:
“car chases and pavement”

“The roaring 20’s my ass! it was all about the 50’s, but I digress. Have you been clinging on the back up a supercharged model T?
I figured as much.
It still amazes my how fast flesh can be stripped away when its sliding across pavement.”


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