Elizabeth Skotakis

Spoiled White Court Princess


Template/Type: White Court Vampire
Refresh Cost: -12 (-10 Powers)

Name: Elizabeth Skotakis
High Concept: Spoiled princess of the Skotakis clan
Motivation: To be envied

Alertness: +1 (Average)
Athletics: +2 (Fair)
Contacts: +2 (Fair)
Conviction: +1 (Average)
Deceit: +3 (Good)
Discipline: +3 (Good)
Empathy: +1 (Average)
Endurance: +1 (Average)
Intimidation: +2 (Fair)
Performance: +5 (Superb)
Presence: +3 (Good)
Rapport: +4 (Great)
Resources: +4 (Great)
Stealth: +2 (Fair)
Weapons: +1 (Average)

(-1) Emotional Vampire (pg 189)
(0) Human Guise (pg 176)
(-4) Incite Emotion (pg 172) Extra emotion-Lust (-1); Lasting Emotion (-1); At Range (-1)
(1) Feeding Dependency (pg 190) – For all below
(-2) Inhuman Strength (pg 183)
(-2) Inhuman Speed (pg 178)
(-2) Inhuman Recovery (pg 185)
(0) The Catch (pg 185) True Love

(-1) Captivating Dancer (Performance): Use Performance for Incite Emotion if dancing
(-1) Agile Dancer (Performance): Use Performance for Defense

Physical: (3): OOO
Mental: (3): OOO
Social: (4): OOOO
Hunger: (4): OOOO

Extra Consequences:

  • Remove one Minor Physical/conflict as supplemental


  • Initiative: +5 (Superb) Alertness + Speed
  • Attack: +2 (Fair) Fists:2 (Strength)
  • Attack: +2 (Fair) Knife:3 (1 + Strength)
  • Attack: +5 (Superb) Captivating Dancer OR +3 (Good) Deceit – Incite Emotion:2 OR +2 maneuver
  • Defense: +6 (Fantastic) Agile Dancer + Speed
  • Move: +5 (Superb) Athletics + Speed

Elizabeth Skotakis is a stunningly beautiful woman who has spent time among the Raiths and developed Lust as her favored emotion. She is an inuhmanly talented (and seductive) dancer, using both the enhanced grace and speed of her Demon and her ability to incite lust.

If you ask her sister, Monique, she’s also a spoiled, self-centered brat focused on one-up-manship (though that last accusation is more than a little it of the pot callign the kettle black…). Elizabeth lives to be the center of attention and to be envied. She doesn’t care whether you adore her or hate her, as long as you staring at her and thinking about her.

Elizabeth is seldom seen at the Aria except for official family summons, preferring to spend her time in the lively Las Vegas club scene. She’s been seen at the Minus Five Club and seems to be on good terms with the Winter ambassador, Jenni Skye, though she’s usually in whatever club is hottest that night.

Chances are, there’s more going on below the surface than her dramatic show of hedonism and partying: Monique treats her as a serious rival, but perhaps that’s just old family grudges at work. Either way, Elizabeth makes it hard to look past the surface when that surface is so very watchable.

Elizabeth Skotakis

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