Billy's Diner

At a Glance

Face: Billy Miles
Aspect: (Theme) A Haven (and Waffles) in the Night<

Quick Description

A small classic American diner just off the Strip. Completely surrounded by running water courtesy of a neighboring casino.

Quick Reference

  • Base Threshold: 2 (+2 for running water +2 for Billy’s faith) = 5 (7 with Giovanni)
  • Great waffles

PC Interactions

  • Giovanni, John, Sean, and Mark often hang out at the diner, either to unwind or to find sanctuary in a hurry.


Owned and operated by Billy Miles, an unassuming man with a deep faith. The small diner is never busy, but always has a handful of loyal customers who are drawn to its comforting “home away from home” feel. Billy runs it like his kitchen, acting more like host than businessman.

Despite the normal rules about such things, the diner has a threshold (albeit still relatively weak). Combined with Billy’s faith and the running water that runs completely around the building, it is as safe from supernatural threats as most churches.

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Billy's Diner

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