Las Vegas Society for Paranormal Investigations

Just like hundreds of other local paranormal investigator groups (or “ghost hunters”) in cities across the country, the Las Vegas Paranormal Investigations group uses basic paranormal research methods to try and confirm or debunk claims of paranormal activity. Many of their cases revolve around ghosts (of which Las Vegas has many famous ones).

For the most part, they’re harmless from the perspective of the supernatural factions (if they even blip on the radar). But increasingly they have been getting closer to dangerous secrets. The fraying veil in Las Vegas has increased the number of “hot spots” and encounters which has lead to a surge in cases, but many of these cases are far more dangerous or hostile than standard “hatunings” and “paranormal hot spots” that they’re used to dealing with.

Odds are that soon the group is going to bump into something they can’t handle and they’re going to be slaughtered. Or if they do survive, then they’re likely to learn too much and get quickly in over their heads.

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Las Vegas Society for Paranormal Investigations

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