Red Court Vampires

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Face(s): Martha |S| & Count Valon Dosti |C|


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The Red Court has been in Las Vegas for awhile, but it is only in the last several years (since the start of the Vampire Wars) that they’ve appeared in force. They are making Las Vegas into a stronghold in the U.S. Since arriving in force, they have begun rapidly taking over many of the criminal enterprises, particularly drug and sex trafficking. While their hold on organized crime in Las Vegas is not truly monolithic yet, for those in the know the terms “mob” and “Red Court” have become almost synonymous.

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Red Court Vampires
Red Court Infected
Non-Vampire Employees
  • Adam Bragg (Half-Ogre bouncer; immune to magic)
  • Blue (Strange ghost in a body made of rats)

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Red Court Vampires

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