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The Ushers are a mercenary group employed by the major factions to enforce the Compact. They are officially a neutral party, taking orders from no single faction, but subject to official unified decisions made by the signatories of the Compact acting through the correct due process.

The Ushers are not limited to the Strip, but it is certainly where they are centralized and most often found.

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There are many rumors and urban legends about the Ushers, ranging from a connection between them and the fraying Veil to conspiracy theories that they are working towards their own objectives.

One thing that is wiely believed is that those who join the Ushers (and they have an open recruiting call) are changed in some way by the time they show back up on the streets of las Vegas as Ushers. Certainly they have access to certain supernatural powers they didn’t have before, but darker rumors persist that the change goes deeper than that (some even claim that the things that come back are no longer human and merely wear the bodies of the erstwhile recruit like a suit). Most scoff at such stories.

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