White Court Vampires

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Face: Monique Skotakis


The Skotakis clan is a relatively minor clan in the White Court, but dominates in gambling centers (including Las Vegas). They are diffuse, tending to act as individuals rather than as a bloc. When they do act together they are one of the single most powerful forces in the city. They have specialized feeding needs and tastes, being more like spiders than predators

They incite a euphoric sense of invulnerability and impulsiveness in others. They can’t feed directly on that emotion, however, instead preparing their victims over long periods by raising them to euphoric heights and crashing them to utter despair over and over again until nothing is left except for an addictive obsession. Then the Skotakis sip them like fine wine.

Quick Reference

  • The Patriarch is never seen at public functions (he hasn’t been seen by outsiders in over 20 years)
  • The “royal family” (the Patriarchs children) are Monique, Elizabeth, and Eric Skotakis


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White Court Vampires

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